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Car Transport FAQs

If I need my car shipped, how can CarShippingPro.Net help me?

CarShippingPro.Net keeps a rich database of car transport companies and an updated list of the deals they offer to clients. CarShippingPro.Net can help you select and compare deals by using the instant quotes service.

How can I get an instant quote and how much is it going to cost me?

Using the instant quote service on the website, you can enter your location and the destination where you want your auto shipped and the service will supply you with up to eight auto transport companies that can fulfill your car transport needs. Each of these companies is reliable and guaranteed to meet whatever standards you are seeking in the car transport service.

CarShippingPro.Net offers you the instant quotes service for free, as its main objective is to act as a gateway for you to compare deals and select the best transport deal for your car.

What car transport services are offered at CarShippingPro.Net?

CarShippingPro.Net offers a lot of auto transport deals from companies that are considered experts in transporting different kinds and categories of vehicles including classic cars, sports cars, boats and other vehicles that you might be interested in transporting safely and securely to your destination.

What if something happens to my car while it is being shipped to my destination?

All companies on CarShippingPro.Net are licensed and insured, so not only would you be putting your car in the hands of experts that will take good care of it and make sure that it arrives safely at your house, but you will also be compensated if anything happens to your vehicle while being transported. CarShippingPro.Net makes sure that you get the best service there is by putting you in contact with the top reliable and reputable companies in the auto transport business.

Can I really depend on the delivery date I agree upon with the car transport company?

Auto transport companies on CarShippingPro.Net are known for keeping their word when it comes to delivering vehicles on time. Whether it is during holidays, or if there is bad weather, these companies will make sure that your vehicle is delivered to your doorstep on the specific time and date to which you had agreed with them.

Also, the shipping of your vehicle is tracked from the moment it is picked up to the moment it is delivered to your doorstep, so you can make sure that the company is sticking to the schedule and is going to deliver your vehicle on time.


We used CarShippingPro.Net to ship my mother's Escalade. We needed the truck to be delivered on Thanksgiving day and were not sure if this was possible. To our surprise the car showed up at noon, job well done.
- Jerry K. Wilmington, Nc

I asked for 2 quotes to compare enclosed shipping versus open transport. I wasn't sure which option to choose. After seeing the rates I was able to make a solid, informed decision.
- Mary M. Queens, Ny

My husband asked that I get some prices to ship his race car. I am new to this process. I found it to be fairly straight forward and simple to accomplish. CarShippingPro.Net provided the rates which in turn made my job easier!
- Jill H. New Orleans, La