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About Us

CarShippingPro.Net is a premium auto transport company specialized in shipping of classic and unique cars. We provide enclosed auto shipping services throughout the US and deliver your beloved vehicle 100% intact and scratch free. CarShippingPro.Net is in the auto shipping industry since over 10 years and our highly experienced staff knows what is a best service for your unique and classic car within your budget. Our motto at CarShippingPro.Net is to provide quality service with competitive pricing. Please read below more details of our specialized services and contact us for 100% free, no-obligation quote today.

Transporting Classic Cars is our specialty:

The services of a car transport company are invaluable when you are a classic car enthusiast. Everyone appreciates the value and beauty of a new car. But the person who appreciates the worth of a classic car knows the history, delicacy, and unique nature of these wonderful old vehicles.

These priceless classic or antique reminders of a special time or place, aren't bought hot off the factory assembly line. They are maintained and refurbished with deep interest by the car buff. The details of car parts, color, and accoutrement are meticulously pieced together to reproduce the desired result.

The classic car enthusiasts who appreciate the attention to detail are far-flung and geographically widespread. A portion of the enjoyment of these unique cars is sharing the experience with other like-minded individuals. This is where Carshippingpro.net can become a valuable partner to the classic car enthusiast

We Do The Transporting You Do The Detailing:

At CarShippingPro.Net we understand the passion of the appreciation of classic cars. Your attention to the detail of refurbishing these unique vehicles is matched by the attention to detail or transporting by Carshippingpro.net.

The delicacy of these cars is well understood by our large and experienced staff. The same attention to detail that you display in refurbishing your classic car, our staff will use to transport your vehicle. The special importance of maintaining the careful details you've reproduced in your car is first in the mind of our Carshippingpro.net consultants.

The insurance and licensing issues

are carefully researched and the recommendations to you are based on strict guidelines that will ensure a successful car transport experience.

From your garage to the distance destination of your desire, each segment of the journey will be tracked and mapped. Special handling of your one-of-kind classic car will be the hallmark. The move will be completed in a timely manner and on schedule so you will have a great classic car experience.

The staff of Carshippingpro.net not only knows which car transport company is head and shoulders above the rest, we also send out for a number of price quotes. You will not only get the best service, but also the best value. Because we understand the language of the car transport business, your quote will be complete and all inclusive. Your final price is indeed final.

With over 25 years of dedicated service, Carshippingpro.net has earned the right to be called a classic in car transport choice, as surely as your treasure has the right to be called a classic car.

We look forward to being a part of your classic car experience.


We used CarShippingPro.Net to ship my mother's Escalade. We needed the truck to be delivered on Thanksgiving day and were not sure if this was possible. To our surprise the car showed up at noon, job well done.
- Jerry K. Wilmington, Nc

I asked for 2 quotes to compare enclosed shipping versus open transport. I wasn't sure which option to choose. After seeing the rates I was able to make a solid, informed decision.
- Mary M. Queens, Ny

My husband asked that I get some prices to ship his race car. I am new to this process. I found it to be fairly straight forward and simple to accomplish. CarShippingPro.Net provided the rates which in turn made my job easier!
- Jill H. New Orleans, La


Carshippingpro.net knows that everybody doesn't fit into one box. We each have individual requirements. We will uncover the particulars of your story to provide the most efficient service.


Our dedicated staff includes over 25 consultants with years in the car transport business. Carshippingpro.net provides the best with whom you will work. We have no weak links.

Insurance & license:

We are aware of the insurance and licensing standards that will ensure a worry-free car transport experience. We are schooled in the technical details that are so important.

Price quotes:

Getting the best price is a given. We send your story and requirements out among a number of car transport companies. They send back their price and you can choose that which suits you the best.

Peace of mind:

Put your treasured vehicle in the hands of the people who have transported vehicles for years. Carshippingpro.net will provide easy and understandable answers to your questions. We are ready to be of service. Contact us with all your boat and car transport needs.